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SKU: w8hm3uv

UV Monitor for UV Sensor with Relay Contacts and Status Indication by 16X2 LCD Screen.


The mains-driven panel meter W8-HM-3 serves with the respective sensors for a continuous radio-metric control of lamps, especially UV radiators. Different UV and visible spectral ranges can be controlled with the corresponding sensors.

The W8-HM-3-UV Monitor consists of a stainless steel sensor probe, coax and a meter box. The W8-HM-3 is designed to operate independently of the ultraviolet water purifier.


The W8-HM-3 Monitor measures the intensity of the germicidal portion of the irradiation from the UV lamp(s) at the chamber wall. The sensor contains a narrow band response phototube. The monitor converts the signal from the sensor to a meaningful display of the Panel Meter.


The monitor allows you to know how effective the disinfection is by relative indication of UV irradiation. The “Relative % Irradiation” reading is affected by the following parameters:

Lamp Degradation (Age & Temperature) · Water Turbidity · Clarity of the Quartz Sleeve(s) ·

Clarity of the Sensor Window


Properly setup, the monitor indicates the percent of UV necessary for the kill rate this purifier was specified to accomplish for your water conditions. The normal (specified) conditions are associated with “100%”, Deviations with be reflected accordingly by the panel meter and indicator light(s). The GREEN indicator lights for illumination levels with the allowable design tolerances. As parameter values change and conditions degrade below “60%” the alarm will activate and the RED indicator light. The alarm will deactivate if conditions improve a certain amount. 1-5% of F.S. (full scale), above the “Alarm” threshold.



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