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AAGI Series



1. Provides in excess of 30,000 micro-watt Seconds per square centimeter of 2537 A ultraviolet energy across fluid Medium for positive kill of pathogenic Microorganisms

2. Exceeds u.s. department of health Requirements for ultraviolet Disinfection of potable water

3. High intensity ultraviolet lamps rated For over 9,000 hours of continuous use

4. Pressure drop at rated flow less than 1 psi

5. Low power consumption

6. Operating pressure rated at 125 psi

7. Design pressure 150 psi

8. Maximize for bacteria destruction Construction

1. Polished 316 or 304 stainless steel Chambers

2. Thick film high intensity design

3. Electro polish & passivated



- Pre and post reverse osmosis

- Storage tanks

- Pre and post deionizers

- Pre sub-micron and ultra filtration

- Re-circulation loops

- TOC reduction

- ozone destruct

- AAGI-sieries

- High intensity impact UV purifier



304 stainless steel power enclosure

The ability to mount power

Enclosure remote

Lamp out indicators

Running time meter

High intensity UV lamp

Interchangeable with 185 NM or 254

NM UV lamp

Pure fused quartz

Ability to mount horizontal or vertical

Fan cool on 4 lamp units

Easy dual compression seals

UV sensor port

Machined heads

Removable flanged head

UV resistant o-rings & head gasket

The ability of upgrade to a

Mechanical wiper system



Pharmaceutical, micro electronics, universities, blood banks, hospitals, medical centers,

Cosmetic companies, food industries, research industries


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