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Reuse & Recycle applications for Aqua Azul systems


Reuse & Recycling wastewater is an essential strategy for wastewater treatment plants in these regions and UV disinfection is a key element in the disinfection process. One of key points of UV is that it offers a rewarding benefits of not producing by-products and replaces a complicated three step chemical disinfection process with a single physical UV process. When a chemical disinfection process is used, the reuse water must be chlorinated, dechlorinated and then aerated if required. For reuse & recycle water, in order for the product to be safe for us and the environment it must be chemicaly disinfected with higher levels than just wastewater so therefor you have a higher by-product.











Open Channel (gracity flow) UV systems can be installed as retrofit in exsisting chlorine contact chambers. This helps with greatly redusing the cost due to less engineering and construction.









Clossed vessel (pressurized chamber systems) UV systems are installed after filtration & bioreactors to prevent having to re-pump the effluent after UV treatment.


The procuct water produced by upstream media or membrane filtration is usually the best way to pre-treat and increase the UV system’s effectiveness. Aqua Azul disinfection systems have been installed in reuse applications. The treated effluents are being reused for recreational and agricultural irrigation, and to reduce discharge to our water ways.

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