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UV treated water




A personal commitment to simplicity and reliability.
Aqua Azul builds on expertise that reaches back into the formative days of UV purification in the late 1960's, as well as knowledge amassed through experience with the industry's leading UV system providers. We leverage this background to design products that deliver high performance with exceptional longevity and minimum maintenance. When you choose Aqua Azul, you not only get technology you can rely on, you also gain direct access to a U.S. based team of UV sterilization specialists.


The benefits of UV designed and refined in the USA.
Decades of use in commercial, industrial, and domestic applications have established the ability of UV radiation to neutralize waterborne pathogens without adding undesirable chemicals. Aqua Azul remains at the forefront of this evolving technology. Today we build more than 155 models employing the latest advancements in lamp engineering, including low pressure, high output, medium pressure, and amalgam lamps. Because all our products are built in the United States, we also can quickly customize them to your specifications with accessories such as sensors, wipers, or computer control systems.


A full line of UV sterilizers tailored to your needs.
Aqua Azul offers more than 155 competitively priced models in 7 series of UV sterilization systems. These designs assure optimum sterilization at flow rates from 1/2 gallon per minute to 1 million gallons per day.


Engineered for performance and durability.
See our system features and options listed with our products.
All products are available for worldwide shipment, and backed by warranties.


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