AZ Series


Product Overview
Aqua Azul AZ Series packaged UV
treatment systems disinfect wastewater
flows ranging up to (5 MGD) 5 million
gallons per day.
The systems come standard with
electroplated stainless steel channels
with built-in level control weirs, remote
modified IP56 (NEMA 4X) stainless steel/
fiberglass enclosures with widow kits,
and removable waterproof modules.


UV Channel System
Channels can be fabricated in 304 or
316 stainless steel all with a
electro polished and passivated finish
for a better and longer lasting system.


* Small / Med Municipal
   Wastewater Treatment Plants
* Onsite Wastewater
* Lagoons WWTP
* Highway Rest Stops
* Industrial Wastewater Plants
* Parks and Recreational Areas
* Private Developments
* Schools and Institutions
* Campgrounds and Trailer Parks

Standard Features

* Stainless steel channel
* Built-in level control weir with drain
* Stainless steel weatherproof modules
* Remote modified IP56 (NEMA 4X)
   enclosures with window kits displaying    
   displaying lamp status and elapsed run time


Optional Features
* Automatic air driven cleaning system
* PLC Interface
* UV intensity monitoring system
* 4-20 mA output or dry contact alarms
* HOA (hand-off-auto) switch
* Transitions for flanged, piped or
   threaded connections
* Cleaning racks or tanks
* Complete standby spare modules
* Redundant banks
* Bank-by-bank flow pacing.


UV Module
The Aqua Azul Module can be fully
customized to fit certain applications
and build restraints.