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Wastewater Applications for Aqua Azul Systems


Aqua Azul municipal wastewater disinfection products have been designed to be simple to operate and maintain. Some of our UV systems include an automatic mechanical wiping system. The wiping cleaning system removes buildup from the quartz sleeves, reduces the need for manual cleaning and ensures maximum UV transmittance (UVT).


Aqua Azul UV systems are designs to not only cost-effective disinfection alternatives but also not have the potential to create or release carcinogenic by-products into the environment. In addition, UV is an effective disinfectant for chlorine-resistant protozoa like Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Our UV disinfection systems have undergone field-testing and third-party witnessed bio-assay validation testing and EPA approval to ensure the UV system will meet regulatory requirements.

Key Factors and Benefits


- Modules are individually overload-protected for as a safety percussion.

- The UV intensity sensor is constantly monitoring the output from the UV lamps to make sure they are with in a proper range.

- Aqua Azul UV lamps are mounted on modules that are installed in open channels. The UV lamps are then enclosed in quartz sleeves to prevent water damage. Lamps are also positioned either horizontally or vertically and parallel to water flow. A bank consists of multiple modules placed parallel to each other.

- Guaranteed performance and warranty

- Best lamp warranty in the industry

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