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PVC Series


Product Overview

The PVC Series of UV systems are designed to safely handle corrosive liquids or be used in a corrosive environment. The high-strength PVC pressure vessel and heads are resistant to attack and provide a long operating live. Available in sizes ranging from 2 to 50 GPM, they come with many standard features for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. Optional features are available to enhance the operation and control capabilities to meet specific requirements.


PVC UV systems provide chemical-free disinfection which is economical to operate and easily serviced.


Standard Features

- Removable heads
- Remote electrical enclosures
- Pipe fitting
- LED lamp status indicators
- PVC compression fittings
- Low pressure high output (HO) or amalgam
- lamp technology with 12,000 hour lamp life
- Manual quartz cleaning
- Horizontal or vertical orientation


Optinal Features

- Outdoor electrical enclosures
- Running time meter
- HOA (hand-o-auto) switch
- High heat shut off
- PLC Control
- Flange connection


Key Benefits

- Rugged construction and long service life
- Ease of installation, operation, and
- Resistant to corrosive liquids
- Alternative to 316L stainless for salt    water applications


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