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VM Series


Product Description
The Aqua Azul AZ Series packaged UV
treatment systems disinfect wastewater
flows ranging up to (5 MGD) 5 million
gallons per day.

The systems come standard with
electro-polished stainless steel channels
with built-in level control weirs, remote
modified IP56 (NEMA 4X) stainless
steel/ fiberglass enclosures with widow
kits, and removable waterproof modules.


Our vertical open channel UV water
treatment systems have been third party
tested and evaluated by Stantec. MS2
bacteriophage was used for test organism when tested in accordance with U.S. EPA 2000 protocols. The Strain E. coli ATCC 15597 as host bacteria for the enumeration of the MS2 bacteriophage. The dose determination from the bio-assay was compared to the design dose of 30 mJ/cm2 to determine the full scale system compliance with the design requirements.


Standard Features
1. Built for concrete channels
2. Built-in level control weir with drain
3. Stainless steel weatherproof modules
4. Remote modified IP56 (NEMA 4X)
  enclosures includes:
  - window kits
  - displaying lamp status
  - elapsed run time.

1. Municipal WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plants)
2. Campgrounds and trailer parks
3. Highway rest stops
4. Industrial wastewater plants
5. Parks and recreational areas
6. Private developments
7. Schools and institutions



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