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NSF Standard
Aqua Azul Corporation offers the most
advanced Ultraviolet Disinfection system
product line to date. The NSF Certified
Hydros UV system product line is
designed to give our customers
assurance of the safety of their drinking
water. The Hydros water treatment
system was tested and Certified by NSF
to meet the NSF Standard. The NSF Standard certifies the material,
products, and systems have been
tested. Standard assess the health
effects of contaminants that may be
contributing to drinking water from the
materials in the treatment and
distribution equipment.

Hydros Effective For

and many more...

Drinking Water
The Hydros UV water treatment system offers quality UV lamp options with low pressure, high output, and Amalgam lamps available. The Hydros UV line can also be used for total organic carbon reduction in contaminated ground water, pure water streams, and other projects requiring TOC reduction. Aqua Azul offers the NSF Certified Hydros UV line for:
*I-Series  *Valliant  *IVO  *AAGI  *IJ  *JM  *HICP


Drinking Water Applications
* Industrial Projects
* Municipal Drinking Water
* Campgrounds and trailer parks
* Highway rest stops
* Parks and recreational areas
* Private developments
* Schools and institutions

Standard Features:
1. 12,000 hours lamp life
2. Matching power supply including
3. Electro polished 304 stainless steel
  reactor vessel and covers
4. Pure fused quartz sleeve
5. Watertight seals
6. Easy Maintenance
7. Lamp failure detection
8. 5 year warranty

1. Running time meter
2. UV intensity meter
3. Flow control
4. Temperature overheat sensor
5. Shutoff solenoid valve
6. Audible alarm

7.  Visual alarm
8. Time delay
9. 316 stainless steel upgrade

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