I Series



* Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
* Water Recycling
* Commercial Usage
   - Water Bottling
   - Coffee & Tea Shops
   - Food & Beverage
   - Brewing
   - Wine & Spirits
* On Site Wastewater Treatment:
   - Parks & Recreation
   - Schools And Institutions
   - Travel Centers And Trailer Parks
* Industrial Wastewater Treatment:
   - Bio Science
   - Cosmetic
   - Micro Electronics
   - Food & Beverage
- Research & Development
* Skid Systems


*precision-machined removable flange heads
  (aqua azul’s specialty).
*UV chamber welds are argon purged
  full penetration type to insure smooth
  contamination-free internal surfaces.
*The welded purifier chamber material is
  304l stainless steel, elector-polished and
  passivized to mil spec s-5002 on both the
  interior and exterior.
*150-lb flanges on inlet and outlet.
*Watertight, vibration resistant connections
  are provided with all lamps.
*Electrical components are u.L. Listed and
*Equipment has been tested and approved.
  sample ports are provided on all units with
  flanges on inlet and outlet.
*Drain port is provided on all units.
  Sensor port is provided on all units.



Standard Features:
* Running Time Meter
* Remote Power Box
* Led Display
* Fan Cooled
* Stainless Steel Reactor Vessel
* 254 NM UV Lamp
* Pure Fused Quartz
* On/Off Power Switch
* Machined Heads
* 13,000 Hours Lamp Life
* Matching Power Supply Including
* Electro Polished 304 Stainless Steel
   Reactor Vessel And Covers
* Watertight Seals
* Easy Maintenance
* Lamp Failure Detection
* 5 Year Warranty


* Running Time Meter
* UV Intensity Meter
* Flow Control
* Temperature Overheat Sensor
* Shutoff Solenoid Valve
* Audible Alarm
* Time Delay
* 316 Stainless Steel Upgrade
* NSF Approved system